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stayed behind

while you moved on
4 February
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You're a few years overdue.I spent them waiting here for you.

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18 visions, a static lullaby, against me!, alexisonfire, alkaline trio, alucard, american history x, antiflag, art, awesome hair, bane, beer, bike rides, blondie, blowpops, books, brandnew, bread, bright eyes, chapstick, chuck taylors, cigs, cities, coffee, coheed, comedy, crass, crunchies, dance, diet anything, diet coke, diet pepsi, dreaming, drifting off to sleep, eddie izzard, fashion, feast or famine, feeling infinte, flip flops, flowers, forever ending, fruit salad, funeral for a friend, get set go, get up kids, ghetto-aid, greenday, halloween parties in may, hardcore, harry potter, heya, highland dancing, holding my hand, horror movies, hot pink scarfs, howie day, ice tea, jawbreaker, johnny depp, kilts, kisses, laughing, led zeppelin, leg warmers, lemons, lipstick, lord of the ring, makeup, making out, maryjanes, mashed potatoes, matching rings, me, mittens, my chemical romance, nofx, norma jean, orange nail polish, parks, partiesss, pictures, pink floyd, poetry, poison the well, polka dots, purses, red house painters, reel big fish, rock and roll, rocket summer, rollercoasters, rolling stones, sex pistols, short of 1st, shows, silver surfer, silverchair, silverstein, skirts, smoking, star wars, sucker for anything acoustic, sunglasses, sunsets, sweaters, swimming, swings, taking back sunday, tanning, tea, the bled, the blood brothers, the clash, the cure, the darkness, the doors, the faint, the fantastic4, the format, the killers, the park at night, the postal service, the weakend, thursday, ug boots, walking, water, weezer, west side, white belts, x-men, yeah yeah yeahs